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Latest Covid Update: we are open in halls from May 17th!


Currently midweek classes are via Zoom, of course, with online resources to support your training. One to One lessons in either Hove Park or Steyning are also permitted and may be booked directly with Simon via WhatsApp. Distancing and hygiene measures are with us until at least June 21st

For a student checklist for being at class during Covid, please click here,

For students unable to attend live classes, we offer courses via Google Classroom and Zoom. Please contact us by email at if you would like more details. All students attending live classes will have free access to the online materials until the situation is more stable.

Spring 2021: Class Timetable in the Park

All classes must be pre-booked via the office as part of our Covid-19 compliance. 

We will need to keep up-to-date contact information register for all attendees so please ensure we have up-to-date information when booking. 

Please note, we cannot lend weapons so you must bring your own. 

If you are uncertain about whether you have enough experience to attend a class, please check with Simon on 07825410967

Sun May 9th & 16th  - Fletchers Croft

Fletchers Croft, Steyning

Parking at the park in the Steyning Centre car Park



07825 410967


1-2-1 class can be booked directly with Simon or Cher (via WhatsApp is easiest) on a tai chi/qigong topic of your choice



This 2 hour class is aimed at experienced students within the school who want to take their understanding deeper. The focus is on creating a tai chi body, deepening core practices and revising curriculum. Please bring all your weapons as we will be doing a Q&A section. Typically you'll warm up with some simple qigong, then Yang Family baduanjin, then hand forms and/or weapons forms.