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The School of Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Arts

Student Checklist for Covid-19

Last updated: 31/08/2020

Before Class


Please check your symptoms before attending. Do not attend class if you have had a positive test or you have the symptoms listed. Please check government guidance here if you have any concerns.

Toilets: Some halls are requesting that attendees use the toilet before coming to class in order to minimise usage of the hall facilities. This seems like good practice for all classes.


As there are strict numbers at all venues, please ensure you have booked your place. We are asking students to nominate their chosen classes as before. Making up classes that you have missed is only possible if you request a space in advance and have that confirmed.

We will need to retain your email address and phone number on the register to pass onto the hall in the event that they need to pass them on to track and trace.

When booking through an external provider (eg Chanctonbury Leisure Centre) they will retain records


Please bring your own water bottle to class as the kitchens will no longer be in use.


Please wear your mask when queuing outside or entering/leaving the room to your class. You do not need to wear your face mask while exercising, but may choose to do so if you would prefer.


Please try to avoid arriving early for class. We will be cleaning the rooms ready for the start and earlier classes may be leaving. Do not enter a class that is in progress. Please wait outside with your mask on for everyone to leave, the room to be cleaned and the instructor to call you in. Please maintain correct social distancing during this time. 

Clothing: As we will need to have queuing in place and ventilation requirements include open windows, please dress in layers, including waterproofs. You will need a pocket to keep your mask in if you need to leave/return to your slot during lesson.

Vulnerability: if you are at particular risk of contracting CV-19 and would like us to make additional adjustments (e.g. entering last to minimise passing, placing you near the door or choosing to wear a mask.,


During Class


Your instructor needs to take a register at the start and as a company we will keep a record of attendees for 21 days in case we need to pass those details on for track and trace. (Please help your instructor remember to do this).

Equipment: Each person is to use only their own tai chi equipment (no sharing allowed). If any writing or completion of forms is required then instructor and students will use only their own pen.

Mask: As you are attending an exercise class (however slow!) you do not currently need to wear your mask. However, in some halls we will ask you to wear a mask if leaving your 'spot' during class.

Hand sanitiser:

Please use the hand sanitiser provided (or your own) on entering and leaving class. Tissues will also be available if you need them.

Social Distance: please maintain the social distance set out by the instructor for your class. We will place students the correct distance apart to be able to use the space effectively. Also, please bear this in mind when gathering around to observe the instructor or in Q&A sections of the lesson.

Symptoms during class: if you begin to feel ill during class, please ensure that you tell your instructor immediately. We will then follow the procedures for that venue. The class would end immediately for all attendees. You must have a plan in place to get home from class and you may give us the number of someone to contact if you would like us to hold that for you.

Bags: Please bring only essentials to class and keep them on you or place them in the designated area. If you need to access them during class, please wear your mask if your instructor has indicated this as a requirement of the specific hall.

After Class

Mask: Please put your mask on to leave class as there may be people queueing to enter the building and it is a condition of hire for us.

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