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October-December 2018

Oct 7th

tai chi energy

Tai Chi Development Group - surgery 


This session is to catch up on anything that people have missed or have questions about. So we will revise whatever people request on the day. 

Location: Upper Beeding Village Hall


Cost £25

Nov 9-11th

tai chi energy

Master Sam Masich: 5 Section Partner Sword Form 2

Fri, Sat & Sun: This two-person taiji sword form extends the solo practice into an applications form. This weekend we will continue revise the first half and finish the rest of the form.

The form performed by Simon Robins and Sam Lavelle

The form performed by the Deutschland Taiji Projekt

Dec 29th 

Sam Masich and Simon Robins da lu

Christmas Da Lu


As this year there's a weekend between Christmas and New Year and by popular request, we'll once again be looking at the dalu exercises also known as 'Large Rollback'.


Whereas pushing hands is the study of the 4 square energies of peng, lu, ji and an, Dalu is the study of the diagonal energies of cai, lie, zhou and kao.  

This is a natural extension of pushing hands study and is a fun and dynamic partnerwork exercise.

Please contact Simon on 07825 410967 /

Payment - students can pay by cash at the event or by using the paypal buttons below

Cost: £45

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