Distance Learning 

If you sign up for our distance learning courses, you will have access to a comprehensive package of resources to help you follow your tai chi journey at home. 

Included in our £35 monthly fee are the following resources:

  • A range of interesting and detailed online courses tailored to your level. Each course combines short video tutorials by our experienced instructors, printable handouts and curated weblinks to resources that are relevant to each course.  Currently the beginners subscription includes 5 different courses for you to explore. 

  • The classroom learning is personalised to you with 1-2-1 feedback, tuition and discussion from your teacher via email or Whatsapp. 

  • You also have access to an online community of learners. through the regular Zoom classes. You can also submit ideas, feedback questions etc. via Google classroom or your usual class Whatsapp groups.

  • Our live 1-2-1 lessons are at a reduced rate of £15 for current members. 

  • Members are also able to join in with our weekend group lessons for up to 5 members at a time. (£10)

Contact Simon on 07825 410967 or office@taichiandinternalarts.com for more details.