Feb 3rd

Free Taster Class in Worthing

Come along and try tai chi in this free taster session. We will introduce you to a short traditional qigong form which you can use as a mindfulness practice for relaxation and calm. We then introduce you to the opening movements of the tai chi short form, the gently flowing movements that people think of when they want to learn tai chi. 

Location: TS Vanguard, Broadwater Rd, Worthing BN14 8AD

Time: 10am - 12pm

Feb 16-18th

Sam Masich 5 Section Sword

Sam Masich is one of the foremost teachers of Yang Style Tai Chi in the world today. An internationally renowned teacher, champion and judge, Sam's tai chi career spans almost 4 decades. In addition to his incredible success and achievements as a practitioner, Sam is undoubtedly a Master of the art, and also a generous and passionate teacher.


Friday 6-9pm Sensing Sword

Jue jian (sensing sword) is the natural extension of jue shou (sensing hands) which begins the training of the sticking adhering energy that starts the 25 energies series. This understanding of sword underpins the ability to progress into fencing.

Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm 5 section solo sword form 

The 5 Section Solo Sword Form enables students to begin their journey into 'extending chi' and developing a wider understanding of the full tai chi curriculum and experience. A short 27 move form, this form can easily be fitted into a busy modern life.

Chinese New year Celebration 

After training on Saturday, there will be a  special demonstration with Sam Masich and Special Guests. This event is free and open to all. Come along and gain a greater understanding of the art of tai chi and Qigong. Then join us for a meal afterwards where you can get to know us and meet the teachers.  

Location: Middle Street Primary Brighton


BACS payments preferred, though cash perfectly acceptable especially for those travelling from abroad and needing to change money. Please email taichiandinternalarts@gmail.com for our BACS details if you don't already have them.  

Friday only:  £40

Friday and Saturday only:  £120

Saturday and Sunday:  £155

Whole weekend:  £185

Mar 11th

Instructor and Senior Student workshop

This session is by invitation only. We will be looking at the teaching of sword skills with the instructors and senior students. This session will cover fencing skills alongside sword drills and exercises.

Location: Upper Beeding Village Hall

Mar 25th

Tai Chi Development Group 3 

These workshops are for students of the school and by invitation only. If you would like to be invited please speak to Simon or Cher to discuss the entry requirements.

We will be gaining confidence with the pushing hands curriculum, focussing on fluidity and confidence in turning the circle with changes in direction.

1-4pm at Upper Beeding Village Hall

Cost £25 cash/BACS

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