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April-June 2018

21st April

tai chi energy

Free Tai Chi Taster Session - Brighton

Come along and try tai chi in this free taster session. We will introduce you to a short traditional qigong form which you can use as a mindfulness practice for relaxation and calm. We then introduce you to the opening movements of the tai chi short form, the gently flowing movements that people think of when they want to learn tai chi. 

Location: Middle Street Primary, Brighton BN1 1AL

Time: 10am - 12pm

13th May

tai chi energy

Tai Chi Development Group


We will be revising jue shou, backward timing with changes 2, 3, 4 and 6. We will also be adding on the skills of forward timing which is the full version of peng, lu, ji and an which we shorten to "push/spiral" in the backward timing.


Location: Beeding & Bramber Village Hall, Upper Beeding

Cost £25 cash/BACS

8-10th June

tai chi energy

Master Sam Masich: 5 Section Partner Sword Form 1

Fri, Sat & Sun: Two-person taiji sword form extends the solo practice into an applications form. 

Friday night: Sensing-hands & Sensing-sword.

On Friday night we will review the basic skills of sensing-sword in the context of sensing-hands. Sensing-hands develops the ability to 'listen', 'understand' and 'receive' and these qualities are directly transferable to jue-jian.

Saturday-Sunday: 5 Section Taijiquan Partner Sword Form & Sensing-hands.

The 5 Section Taijiquan Partner Sword Form (Wuduan Taijiquan Duilian Jian) brings a new dimension to both sword study and to taijiquan partner training. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the many fascinating skills particular to the sword and learn to apply their understanding of taijiquan core-principles in new and dynamic ways. In China, masters of the sword (jian 劍) had a profound effect on almost every aspect of life and were instrumental in shaping the country's history, folklore and performance culture. In terms of self-cultivation, the sword master sees one edge of the weapon as cutting through worldly folly and the other as cutting through self illusion. As we learn the form we will also deepen our practice of the sensing-sword.

The form performed by Simon Robins and Sam Lavelle

The form performed by the Deutschland Taiji Projekt

Times:       Fri. 6 - 9pm, Sat/Sun 10:00am - 5:30pm
Cost:          Full weekend £185, Sat/Sun only £155, Fri. only £40

If paid before May 31st early booking discount applies: £175, Sat/Sun only £145, Fri. only £35.

Location:  Middle Street Primary, Middle Street, Brighton

Please let us know if you will need to borrow a sword for the weekend.

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