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Learning Resources

If there is something that you think would help your learning or study better, then please email Cher with your requests and we will do our best to help.

Covid-19 Student Guidance

This student checklist gives you the advice we have so far for attending class. The date below shows you the last time this guidance was updated by us. If you have any questions not answered on this sheet, please contact us at or 07825 410967.

Date: 16/08/2020

Use this certificate to book your free tai chi with Simon Robins this January. Classes available in Worthing, Hove, Brighton, Upper Beeding and Steyning.

Terms and conditions:

Applies to new students only.

Numbers may be restricted due to hall size, so text/email to confirm your place in advance would be helpful.

Exceptions: does not include the Sunday morning drop in.

5 Section Hand Form

Curious to know more about this wonderful new form you are learning? Wanting to practise at home, but struggling to remember the moves? (Don't worry about the last one: you are not alone!) We have put together a handy set of video links, a list of moves and some background to help you get the most out of your class.

5 Section Sword Form

Tai chi jian is an elegant and subtle weapon. It's double edge and long blade encourage the practitioner to develop a deeper state of focus and concentration alongside even greater strength, relaxation and coordination. For many students, it quickly becomes their favourite aspect of studying tai chi.

Privacy Policy

This is all about how we manage your data.

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