In this workshop we will revise the first half of this form before continuing and completing the entire Yang style Taijijian 54 movement routine. This traditional form was first developed in the early 1930’s and has has been practiced by taiji players around the globe. Sam Masich has researched and trained this form for over 30 years and brings unusual insight to the subject.


The Masich Internal Arts Method approach to the traditional Yang-style Taijiquan curriculum is based on Sam Masich's training with such masters as Raymond Chung (a student of Yang Shouzhong 楊守中), Brien Gallagher (Raymond Chung's Research Assistant), Dr. Yang Jwing Ming  (楊俊敏), and Yang-family members Yang Zhenduo (楊振鐸). Masich is a master of the full curriculum of Yang-style Taijiquan.


Upon completion of the full course students will receive a certificate acknowledging the training.

Please bring a wooden and/or metal sword if possible (you can get a wooden sword here)

Times: Friday: 6-9pm and Sat/Sun: 10am-5.30pm


Location: Middle Street Primary, Middle Street, Middle Street, Brighton (The entrance gate is the tall green one on Middle Street, opposite Oasis)

Cost: Full weekend £185. Sat/Sun only £155. Fri. only £40

          Contact Simon for details to pay via BACS transfer.

Nov 8-10th: Traditional Taijijian - 54 Sword

A very popular workshop! Whether you wish to recover from Christmas excess, prepare yourself in body, heart and soul for the New Year (or New Year's Eve...) or are just missing Strictly, this day is for you,

Through sensitive touch and connection, playful footwork  and study of the energetic changes through the basic major skills of tai chi ("the 8 Gates") you can learn a fun, playful part of the tai chi curiculum. It will develop through the day, building from simple connection skills and adding layer by layer until we're whirling around the ballroom!

Times: Sat: 10am-4.30pm

Location: Beeding and Bramber Village Hall

Cost: Only £45. Fake tan/sequins optional.

Video resources: Pushing hands changes, moving step pushing hands, da lu

Dec 28th: Christmas Da Lu!

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