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We are a very friendly community of dedicated and passionate tai chi and qigong practitioners led by Simon and Cher Robins, you'll find a warm welcome at all our classes. 

Tai chi is particularly noted for improving health: it boosts the immune system, is gently aerobic (whilst being low impact), promotes flexibility and core strength. It's also a great form of moving meditation so greatly reduces stress and is fun to learn.

Our primary focus is ensuring that students of all ages are able to study tai chi to the level they choose. Whether that is just for fun and recreation once a week, as a way to improve health and wellbeing or as a powerful transformational, we are here to help you follow your path and enjoy the journey.  


Chief Instructor

When I first started Tai Chi almost 30 years ago (thank goodness it keeps people looking young) it was because my body was in poor shape. I had been on crutches several times with foot and ankle injuries, ripped my back muscles and had internal bleeding; sawn off the tip of one of my fingers (although I like to tell small children it was a shark!); been run over by a transit van as it span off the road; injured a shoulder (it’s still a bit clicky) and had a few whiplash injuries from car accidents; impaled my foot on a spike (twice); come off my bicycle in a variety of painful and amusing ways... and the list goes on. In short, I’ve had more injuries than a squirrel has nuts!

I had loved my Judo (started way back in 1974), was passionate about Aikido and enjoyed Ju Jitsu – but my body was too broken to continue with those arts. Initially, I only saw Tai Chi as a way to get my body fit and healthy so that I could get back to training again. However, as I continued there were other changes...

My mind became calm and still. As you may be able to work out from the list of injuries above I had been the kind of person who trained hard, played hard, generally lived life in a “hard” way. My emotions became more stable. The promise of Tai Chi became real to me through a series of profound experiences. I realised this was a journey in wisdom.

Simon shares the teaching with Cher at classes in Brighton and Hove, Steyning, Worthing and Upper Beeding as well as leading weekend workshops on broader and deeper aspects of curriculum than can otherwise be covered at class alone.

Senior Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

​Fully insured through the TCUGB

07825 410967



Chief Instructor

In June 2018, my generous and highly skilled teacher, Master Sam Masich, accepted my application to become his tudi or indoor student. This position is a great honour and responsibility.  

So, how did I get here? As a kid sitting still was the hardest thing anyone could ask me to do. Hockey, netball, gymnastics and judo were the loves of my young life. I grew up surrounded by boys, so martial arts was a natural progression from the rugby and wrestling that I had grown up with. Unfortunately, a bout of ME/CFS laid me low for 16 years, but as soon as recovery was in sight I began studying yoga and qigong and finally, I started tai chi with Simon Robins in 2003.

In my own study I am passionate about pushing hands and weapons. However, the aspect of tai chi which keeps me intrigued and curious enough to find time every day to practise and ponder is the internal qualities or energies of the body that allow the movements to become fluid and effortless over time (neijia). 

As a secondary school teacher, my love of teaching naturally led me to teach tai chi. I enjoy watching my students gain confidence in their body, develop strong and supple movement and become passionate about this wonderful art we share. If you would like to come and share it with us, I look forward to seeing you at class.​

Cher's regular Sunday morning training for students of the school is from 10.30 - 12.30 every weekend at Upper Beeding Village Hall. All aspects of the curriculum are touched on so come prepared to try new things and have a go at partner work - it's a great way to broaden your weekly study. She also shares leads weekend workshops on broader and deeper aspects of curriculum than can otherwise be covered at class alone.

Advanced Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

​First Aid trained

​Full DBS

07951 536049

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