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Master Sam Masich

Sam Masich
Simon Robins with Master Sam Masich

Master Sam Masich

We are lucky enough to host Sam's UK seminars in October each year.  

Canadian born, Sam now lives in Berlin, Germany, from where he travels the world teaching and inspiring students along their tai chi chuan journey. His first teacher, Brien Gallagher, was a student of Grandmaster Raymond Chung. as well as having black belts in other arts too. Sam then developed his studies with a number of other world-renowned teachers, apprenticing to Grandmasters Liang Shou-Yu and Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.

Sam is a multiple gold medallist at national and international level, notabl being awarded 7 gold medals in the 1994 Shanghai Oberon Cup. He is now an international judge, officiating in China, Canada and the USA.

Sam is a certified 8th Duan master who has been recognised as one of the '100 Extraordinary Martial Arts Practitioners' by the International Wushudao Association.

We met Sam in 2007 and changed from the Cheng Man Ch'ing curriculum we had been teaching to the traditional Yang style curriculum. We are passionate about the way that the principles develop as students progress through the curriculum. In additionm Sam has also developed his shortened and simplified 5 Section Taijiquan programme which forms the basis of our beginners courses. 

Qigong Curriculum



Qigong is the collective term for health giving exercises. Different sets (sequences of meovements) have different benefits: improved circulation, meditation and mindful relaxation, stretching and suppleness, improved psture and balance... the list is endless. 

In addition to the Tai Chi Qigong sets we teach as part of our MIAM curriculum, we also teach and practice a range of other qigong sets learned from a range of generous and skilled teachers through the years. 

Generally, these are taught through workshop settings, or as part of a tai chi class as a warm up section. Our most popular and frequently taught sets are:

The 5 Pillars - John Eastman

The 5 Zang Organs - Paul Lundberg

The Musician's Set - Murray Douglas

The Lotus Qigong - Michael Richmond 

Four Drections Breathing - Michael Richmond

Tai Chi Ruler - Michael Richmond

Awakening the Spine - our own combinaton from years of training

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