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We are often asked to recommend books and materials to help people with their studies. Here you'll find a  good selection, many of which are on our own shelves as part of our own library

This list of suggested titles is not exhaustive, please let us know if you'd like recommendations on something specific - over the last 30 years we've bought many books, some weren't very useful, some were kept and dipped into, others were given away then had to purchased again, sometimes more than once!

Lost Classics of the Late Ching Dynasty.
Essence and Applications of
Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan.jpg
YJM - Tai Chi Chuan Martial Power.jpg
YJW - Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications
YJM - Tai Chi Sword.jpg
Tai Chi Ball DVD 1.jpg
Tai Chi Ball DVD 2.jpg
YJW - Tai Chi Master Collection.jpg
Tai Chi Ball Qigong.jpg
Liang S-Y Qigong Empowerment.jpg
Liang S-Y 24 Tai Chi.jpg
Liang S-Y Xingyiquan.jpg
Liang S-Y Baguazhang.jpg
The Life-Giving Sword.jpg
The Book of Five Rings.jpg
The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts.j
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